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Maca Studio

A man of few words and vast talent, Mike Maca’s work speaks for him. To shoot the Maca Studio, I focused both on Mike’s art, and the gritty turn-of-the-century equipment he used to create it. Together, those ideas danced as one, revealing something old and deep and cool. … Shooting Mike himself wasn’t any easier. He’s a humble guy who didn’t really want his picture taken. But limits can be…

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I had to really fight to get my favourite image from this trip. We were spending three days in a WWF research camp. One of the leaders of the World Wildlife Fund and I left the camp where we were staying at 3:00am to hike to a nearby lookout tower. The lookout tower was only 20 metres high, but from it, we saw a 150-metre cell tower. Some might see…

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Mercedes Benz Driving Academy

Cars, people, schedules and lighting made for a potentially complicated, 5 day shoot. When shooting with so many variables it’s important to shoot as fast and loose as possible. So, to get great shots with as little retouching in post-production as possible, we shot with a beauty dish. Likewise, to keep our models fluid and less staged, we improvised areas of motion (like the kid doing an ollie near the…

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