I had to really fight to get my favourite image from this trip. We were spending three days in a WWF research camp. One of the leaders of the World Wildlife Fund and I left the camp where we were staying at 3:00am to hike to a nearby lookout tower.

The lookout tower was only 20 metres high, but from it, we saw a 150-metre cell tower.

Some might see danger; I see an opportunity too good to miss. So we jumped the fence and climbed 100 metres up the tower to wait for sunrise. The sun rose above the horizon, cutting the mist for one of my favourite shots.

Read writer Brian Payton’s recount in his excellent article for the Walrus.















Storytelling Through Images

Images have the power to move people, build businesses, and change lives. With over 15 years of experience, I pride myself on my ability to get to the heart of your story and create compelling photographs.



Michael Wormald

As the director of a creative agency, our clients are the most important aspect of our business. Trusting Barry Calhoun’s photography with our largest and most prestigious clients has elevated our work, resulting in stronger relationships, and new opportunities.

Barry not only delivers exceptional photography that captures the essence of our vision; his innate ability to connect with clients on a personal level is both rare, and unmatched in his field.

Evoda Group

Benjamin Simpson

Throughout the job Mr. Calhoun had the natural ability to engage us as clients in a way that allowed for a collaborative and open dialogue to ensure the best result for each individual shot.

Blank Canvas Interiors Inc.

Boyan Blocka

I call on Barry and his team because he’s extremely adaptable, cost effective and easy to work with (not all creatives are so easy going and they thus hijack the project intent or don’t allow push back without jacking their rates. Not cool). Normally photographers focus on an area of expertise (like portraiture, editorial, products, stock art, travel), but Barry is a multi-hyphenate...

Kyosei Consulting International, Inc.

Pauline O’Malley

Barry Calhoun is the BEST professional photographer I have worked with. Not only did he ensure that I was relaxed for the shoot, he also brought in a professional stylist who works with the like of Holt Renfrew to ensure that models looks their best. Thanks you Barry. I have never received more compliments than from the shots you took of me for my website, marketing collateral and personal brand.

Best People Win, Pauline O'Malley

Benjamin Simpson

Barry's attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome is what makes working with him such a pleasure.

Blank Canvas Interiors Inc.